About Jiangsu Huahong Industrial Group

    With total assets of USD 1.75 Billion , Jiangsu Huahong Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is a socialized, market-oriented and modernized enterprise complex. We cover business in Machines, Chemical fiber,Synetic Leather, uPVC profile, Copper pipe, Soft ware, real estate and domestic and international trading, and have shown strongly development trends.

 Our Group formed by following companies and their Website/Turnover:

  Jiangsu Huahong Technology Stock Co., Ltd.     310 million USD
      http://www.hhyyjx.net     Stock Number:002645

   Jiangyin Huahong Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.     750 million USD

  Jiangyin Huarui Building Plastic Co.,Ltd.     20 million USD

  Jiangyin New Huahong Copper Industry Co., Ltd     30 million USD

   Jiangyin Huahong Synthetic Leather Material Factory     15 million USD

  Jiangyin Huahong Rubber&Plastic Co.Ltd     25 million USD

   Jiangyin Huahong Automobile Ornamental Parts Co,Ltd.     40 million USD

  Jiangyin Huahong Pharmacy Distribution&Delivery Co.,Ltd     20 million USD

  Jiangsu Huahong Decoration Material Market Co.,Ltd.     50 million USD

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