Colored PVC Profiles

The feather of Colored PVC Profiles

1. Weather Resistance
Colored PVC profiles can withstand different weather conditions, strong UV and bit cold. Test appear that this kind of profiles can aslo withstand temperatures of 80 without defects. This means can used in tropical areas.
2. Energy Saving and Heat Insulation

Survey appear that 37% energy of building is lost from windows. The right selection of windows and glass would cut down the energy loss. PVC windows and doors usually install with 20mm thickness insulated glass , could conduct the K value of 1.84W/m2K, compared with 7.50 W/m2K for general aluminum window frames. So PVC window profiles can cut down energy loss far better than any aluminum window frames. This is because PVC Profiles are made in hollow sections (multi chamber system) by an extrusion process,which lower external heat dispersion into the inner area.

3.Water Resistance
PVC window and door employ a corner welding process to ensure that the window or door corner is completely welded into a single structure; therefore water is unable to pass through the welded joint. Additionally, a double layer of EPDM rubber gasket is placed around the sash and the frame to efficiently seal the gap.

4. Sound Proof
PVC Profile Systems have many chambers inside the profiles structure while the hardware system is equipped with a multi point locking system to ensure proper closing and tightness. This efficiently reduces noise disturbance from outside,down to one-eighth of the original noise level (sound reduction ratio is between 33-43 dB).

5. Corrosion Resistance
In cities with high pollution levels such as Tokyo, Manila,Seoul or Hong Kong,PVC wind and door can withstand any corrosion caused by such conditions. Even in beach area residencies, humid weather is unable to corrode, or damage PVC Profiles.

6.Fire Proof
PVC profiles are fully self extingguishing ,guaranteeing your safety

7. Attractive Appearance
Colored PVC Profiles Systems are built with smooth surfaces and properly welded corners,The profile color will not fade after a few years of use. Frequent cleaning is possible without any repainting throughout the useful life of the frame,so the maintenance cost is low compared to wood.

8. Environmentally Friendly.
we are one of the earliest supplier of PVC fence in China. We extrusion fence parts since 2001, now have different color and style of fence for road, garden, wall,etc.Now have more than 20 sets of PVC fence moulds,with annual capacity of 1 million meters.
Colored PVC Profiles Systems are made from ecologically friendly materials and environmentally safe in terms of less pollutant emissions than wood and aluminum. Polymer is recyclable, and so there is no lost material as all waste goes back into the recycling Process.
Plastic profile in the area belong to, by way of color can be divided into different color spray profile, two-color co-extruded profile, color film, and other profiles.

Spraying color profiles:
Spraying is the color profile in the profile matrix coating on the surface there is a layer of UV-curable Paints, Paints in the UV-curable affixed with a protective film on the surface; or in the steel matrix material on the surface there is a layer of UV-curable coating color Paint or coating Paints dry in the UV-curable or self-Paints Paints dry coating the surface of UV-curable coating has a layer of varnish; in the ultra-violet curing varnish on the surface affixed with a protective film. The color of the utility model has a colorful plastic-steel profile, the full film, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, non-fading, non-flammable advantages over the popular use of steel has a better profile The effect of decorative and protective effect. Utility model described in this section steel production methods have required the production of small venues, low-investment, high productivity, low energy consumption, pollution-free advantages.

Two-color co-extruded profiles:
At present, two-color profiles are co-extruded PVC plastic and ASA and PMMA (plexiglass) co-extruded. ASA has a plastic weatherability, long-term use, color stability, as well as with the PC / PVC good compatibility, PVC and ASA co-extruded PVC-profiles of both ASA's fine features, to overcome the past, the color profiles and weatherability Color of the inadequate stability of the shortcomings, ASA co-extruded profiles and the price of color profiles quite more or less the price, so is the color profile near the main stage of development. PMMA profile than the ASA has a long history, through decades of outdoor use of a test to prove its high-performance weathering, chemical corrosion resistance, high temperature, the surface hardness of a series of high performance excellence, but also some disadvantages, that is, and PVC can be far less affinity ASA, PVC deformation occurred in the basement or hot and cold can cause swelling PMMA co-extruded layer cracking, spalling.

Wood lamninated color profiles:
Wood Color film laminated profiles is a profile in the profile of fluoride on the surface layer of plastic affixed with a plexiglass and the composite film, as can be processed into any pattern and color, weather performance, is now widely used in high-end doors and windows in the area.

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